"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." -- St. Augustine

Monday, July 27, 2009

Passion and Purity - A Reflection

Passion and Purity. A simple statement that says so much. A simple phrase which shows what many of our relationships lack. Recently in history, our relationships with guys and girls have been lackluster at best. Sure, they've supposedly been passion-filled but not purity-filled. Purity. What an ancient term as some would say. An archaic word at best. Heaven forbid someone walk through high school and college without spending the night with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Purity - be it emotional, physical, or mental - has gone by the wayside. It is no wonder our high school hallways are filled with expectant teen mothers and fathers who could care less.

Both guys and girls could share the blame. I find it difficult at best looking at society today. Girls dress seductively.... practically begging to be taken home. To the guys who read this, I apologize. Sadly, many Christian women do not see what the big deal is showing a little skin here and there. Guys prowl the halls... hoping for the chance to conquer yet another girl. Girls with little or no relationship history are the big pulls.... however, many remain unmoved while some do succumb. Perhaps it's because these girls have been holding out for a hero. A knight in shining armor. A superhero coming in to rescue them. Often, high school girls (and guys) find themselves wondering if they are worth anything outside of a dating relationship.

I found myself in a little bit of both categories. I tried holding out for my hero... but I gave my heart away to way to four too many boys. While I never physically succumb, my heart was ripped to shreds by my senior year. As I sat at work today, I started reading a book a friend had given me after a very difficult few weeks. "Passion and Purity" by Elisabeth Elliot. This book challenged and stretched me as I sat and read it. It challenged me to think about who I was holding out for. God has the most incredible guy on the face of the earth planned for ME.... a broken mess. I find it so hard to believe at times that He chooses to call me His daughter because I fall time and time again. Each time, He picks me up, dusts the dirt off, and helps me carry on. I challenge the girls and guys who may stumble upon this blog and read it, to find "Passion and Purity" on a local bookshelf and read it for yourself. It's definitely worth it.

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