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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Heat and Humidity

Well, as usual, the SD summers bring lots of heat and lots of humidity. I shouldn't complain I suppose. It hasn't been over 100 a day yet this summer and we are now onto July. Which brings me to something else, Crown Soccer starts in less than a two months. I've been training like crazy, following the running program from my coach. As a freshman who hasn't played in a year, I'm a little scared to death. Yesterday, I started sprint work. BAH. Not my idea of a good time. This running program is another reason why I shouldn't complain about the hot days. Last time I did a training program, I baked in the sweltering heat.

This weekend is going to be busy. With a concert in town that I have to help out with, I'm going to definitely be busy. I'm pretty excited for this weekend. Lots to do. =) I'm trying to save up some money for college this fall. Because of some incredible scholarships as I stated before, I have my entire first year paid for! So the money is mostly going toward paying for books and other assorted fees that come with being a college student. I suddenly realized I will be moving away for an entire year. No basketball games watching the boys I grew up with. No study halls goofing off with my best friends. No cheering on my younger brothers playing soccer. It's going to be so different. But I'm ready. I've been ready for a while.

Well, I probably should go take a run. I'm training and I need to stick with it.

Until later.....

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