"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." -- St. Augustine

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Roomies = Laughter, Love, Friendship

As I reflect on these past two weeks, I am SO BLESSED. I have three of the most amazing roommates a girl could ask for. ONE... we all go to sleep at around the same time. If one is still studying, she's respectful of the rest falling asleep. This is a good thing. I DO NOT function well on little sleep so it's a blessing not having a roommate who is incredibly loud walking in at 3 AM. TWO... my roommates and I have the funniest conversations at the most random times. We got into a theological discussion the other night about the Old Testament at like 11:30. It was so funny. We all ended up in fits of laughter. Tonight, Christina and I were talking about our love for Jane Austen and how much we love her books, the movies, and of course who could forget James McAvoy in Becoming Jane. :) And then we started getting goofy.... strange things come out of my mouth when I'm tired and with good friends.

Tomorrow morning I have a doctor appointment for my ankle. Jess, my trainer, isn't happy with how it hasn't been getting better. So hopefully we'll get this figured out and I can play ASAP. I miss playing. I haven't played soccer in over a week so I'm ready to start again. All in all, I love Crown College. I love everything about this school. I love the people. I love the profs. I love my friends. :) God has truly blessed me not only with my roommates but also with my team.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The College Experience.... Begins

Well, hello all from Crown College in the itty bitty town of St. Bonifacius, MN. It's 10:43 at night as I begin typing this. Two of my roommates are in the room but soon to be leaving to finish a movie. My third roommate is off celebrating a four month anniversary with her boyfriend.... so I probably won't see her til tomorrow morning. These past few weeks have FLOWN by. It seems like ages ago that I was in Wyoming with Jake and Sydney. It seems like forever ago that I got to spend a night in Minneapolis with my girls, learning a little more swing. It seems like a while ago that soccer training camp started. It seems like just yesterday that classes started. I'm already a week into my classes. I'm loving the challenge of college - Critical Thinking is by far the greatest and most stressful challenge. Dr. Ratledge (my prof for Critical Thinking... an honors class) is a brilliant man... almost to the level of Doc from Summit.... buuuuttt not quite.

I must say.... it was amazing getting to campus and seeing a few familiar faces and by the time training camp was over having a few amazing friends already! By the time all the freshmen came, my roommate Jenna (who was also in pre-season sports training) and I felt like pros. Neither of us got to do welcome weekend stuff but frankly I'm kinda glad. We really felt like it wasn't for us. We had been there almost a week alredy and had learned the ropes.... by ourselves. It was kind of amusing watching some of the freshmen wander around like lost puppies with very dazed and confused looks on their faces. I am proud to admit I have NOT taken the wrong staircase up to the freshman guys wing in Main yet which is VERY easy to do if you aren't paying attention.

I am currently taking the following classes:

Consumer Math on Mondays..... 8 AM
- This class is death by math every Monday morning ridiculously early. Too early to be doing math in my opinion.
Mission in Perspective on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.... 1 PM
- This is my personal favorite. I LOVE this class. It makes me excited for what God has in store for me!! I love my prof as well.
Critical Thinking on Tuesday and Thursday.... 8 AM
- Yet another class which is death by brain overuse far too early in the morning. If you walk by E113 during this class period, there probably is smoke coming out from under the door from all the brain activity within the room.
Psychology on Tuesday and Thursday.... 10:50 AM
- My prof for this class is CRRRRRAAAAAZZZYYY. But really.. crazy cool. She's amazing. Retired missionary who turned prof. Fabulous insights. Easy to remember and fun to learn with.
New Testament History on Tuesday and Thursday.... 1 PM
- Pretty fun class actually. An easy 'A' but still fun.

Soccer has been challenging. VERY challenging. I had monster punishment for not making the times for the fitness testing which was slightly frustrating as I busted my butt all summer prepping for these tests. BUT I made it through training camp week which was full of two physical practices a day and one class time at night. It was WET and humid but thankfully not too hot. Near the tail end of the week, my ankle started to bother me. Kind of a dull ache. Nothing I was too concerned about - I figured I had just twisted it wrong or something. WRONG. What I thought was nothing has now turned into something painful and annoying. Something that has not allowed me to play in one single game yet. A tendon in my foot I didn't even know existed has flared up.... very painful and sore. I can't run on it. I ice it every night. It still isn't getting better. I know I need to be patient but it's so hard. Be praying for me.

Well.... it's after 11 and I've been doing well on getting to bed at a decent time every night. My roommates are all back so I'm thinking it's time for me to hit the sack as well. G'night all from Minnesota.

BTW..... www.crown.edu