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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Roomies = Laughter, Love, Friendship

As I reflect on these past two weeks, I am SO BLESSED. I have three of the most amazing roommates a girl could ask for. ONE... we all go to sleep at around the same time. If one is still studying, she's respectful of the rest falling asleep. This is a good thing. I DO NOT function well on little sleep so it's a blessing not having a roommate who is incredibly loud walking in at 3 AM. TWO... my roommates and I have the funniest conversations at the most random times. We got into a theological discussion the other night about the Old Testament at like 11:30. It was so funny. We all ended up in fits of laughter. Tonight, Christina and I were talking about our love for Jane Austen and how much we love her books, the movies, and of course who could forget James McAvoy in Becoming Jane. :) And then we started getting goofy.... strange things come out of my mouth when I'm tired and with good friends.

Tomorrow morning I have a doctor appointment for my ankle. Jess, my trainer, isn't happy with how it hasn't been getting better. So hopefully we'll get this figured out and I can play ASAP. I miss playing. I haven't played soccer in over a week so I'm ready to start again. All in all, I love Crown College. I love everything about this school. I love the people. I love the profs. I love my friends. :) God has truly blessed me not only with my roommates but also with my team.

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