"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." -- St. Augustine

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It Became Home

I must admit. I never thought Minnesota would feel like home. I'm a South Dakota girl at heart and I never thought I'd see Minnesota as anything more than a place to live. The place where my school was located. A place to be nine months (which turned this year into about eleven months) out of the year. As I reflect, Minnesota has become my home. I meander into St. Boni or Waconia and I usually will see people I recognize. I typically have the towns surrounding Crown memorized so I know where to meet people which has become especially nice. I have the geography of the area mapped out pretty well in my head. I can differentiate between the multiple 94s (394, 494, 694) and I-94. :) I have no qualms about city driving... if only I had known I would be doing rush hour in Minneapolis without blinking when I first started driving in high school. I would've laughed at myself. Granted, I still am terrible at parallel parking but that's what they invented parking ramps for. ;) Walmart became Target with Walmart being in the "ghetto" part of town. I traded my job as a waitress and a tour guide to be a full-time nanny and full-time housekeeper. I traded my huge room at home for a dorm room (for the school year) and a smaller room in a home with 4 other kids under the age of 11 (for the summer). Somewhere between the traffic jams, quaint little towns like Excelsior, and the community of Crown and Westwood Community Church, I fell in love with Minnesota.